Configuring Site Identity

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  1. Hover on the Appearance tab in the left sidebar of WordPress Administrative Dashboard. Then click on Customize to get Theme Options.
Customize Button
  1. Click on Site Identity. You will get lists of options to personalize the site identity.
Site Identity
  • Site Identity Font Family – Choose the font for Site Identity from the drop-down menu
Site Identity Font Family
  • Logo – Upload your logo
Upload your Logo
  • Site Title – Enter your website’s title
Add Site Title
  • Tagline – Enter the tagline of your website
Insert Tagline for your website
  • Site Identity Color – Choose your desired font colour
Choose your desired Site Identity Font color
  • Site Identity Layout – You can use the layout only if the logo and tagline are used. Otherwise, it won’t.
Choose Site Identity Layout
  • Font size for Title and Tagline – Choose your desired font size.
Choose your desired font size for title and tagline
  • Logo size – Choose the appropriate logo size that will help to make your header good.
Choose the appropriate Logo size
  • Site Identity Font Weight – Choose the appropriate font-weight.
Choose the appropriate font weight
  • Site Identity Font Style – Choose the appropriate style for your Title and Tagline
Choose the appropriate style for your title and tagline
  • Site Identity Text Transform – Choose the appropriate transformation
Choose the appropriate test transformation
  • Site Identity Letter Spacing (px) – Choose the appropriate letter spacing
Site Identity letter spacing
  • Site Identity Line Height (px) – Choose the desired line-height.
Choose the desired line-height
  • Display Site Title and Tagline – As per your need choose whether to display the site title and tagline or not.
Choose whether to display site title and tagline
  • Site Icon – Upload the square sized of at least 512*512 pixels site icon. It will display in browser tabs, bookmark bars and within the WordPress mobile apps.
Site Icon